Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Dad with me in Germany?!

First Pic: Dad in front of the Hannover City Hall Second Pic: Dad walking his bike down the smallest street in Sarstedt with the oldest houses in the city Third Pic: Tiny doorway on the street, Dad was very fascinated haha Fourth Pic: Dad taking a break in Hannover haha. He fell asleep anytime we sat down, he is still messed up from the time difference.

This is the first post I've made and I'm still not sure how this thing all works. Anyway, Dad flew to Germany yesterday to stop on his way to Dubai since he won't be home when I get home. So yesterday I picked him up from the Central Train Station in Hannover, then we brought him back home to Sarstedt. Yesterday we just kinda hung out and relaxed and took it easy since he was dead from the time difference and all. Then today we hung out in Hannover and I showed him around; took him to a couple churches, the cool City Hall, we ate typical German Bratwurst (which is so good) and just walked around the main City Square in Hannover.
Tomorrow I'm taking him to a castle; thursday just hanging out around home and little Sarstedt, friday off to Dresden! Dresden will be cool, its a very pretty city and I'm excited Dad will be able to see it, its just lame that Mom can't here too. It'll be alright though, one day we'll all come back and I'll be able to show them around my second home here in Germany. After Dresden though Dad goes off to the Middle East, it's weird he won't be home when I get home from Germany. It"ll be alright though he'll be home shortly after. 

Its really fun having Dad here though, seeing him for the first time again was weird though. At first I felt like it was normal and  that I had seen everyone at home yesterday! Then when he got off the train and hugged me I realized I hadn't seen him in 9 months and it all hit me and I kind of started to cry ha I'll admit it. It's really fun though walking around showing him the typical German stuff, I think his favorite so far has been tasting all the typical German foods I buy for him haha. It will be weird going home though and then having everyone there! I haven't been home with everyone home for over a year. Well, I'm glad Dad is here and we are for sure going to make the best of it! Dad even already had German beer!! ...alcohol free of course, my host dad bought it special for Dad so he could say he tasted German beer. Oh Another funny thing is when we are all just sitting around talking German and they ask Dad something but look at me, then I look at Dad and wait for the answer...then they go "Isaac! You have to translate!!" haha I totally sit and think Dad can understand what we are talking about but he has no idea. It's weird! I love that I can speak another language now! Foreign Exchanges are AMAZING!!(sorry if I made typing or grammar mistakes or whatever, my english is getting worse and worse!)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Meet Drake Bell

DRAKE BELL came to St. George. The concert promotion was just part of my job. My boys were thrilled. They were gonna meet Drake Bell. And meet him they did.

Drake signed some stuff but most important - HE SIGNED HAMILTON'S VIOLIN! How cool is that?

I wasn't excited at all about sitting through his concert but I have to say...I was pleasantly SURPRISED! Young, amazingly talented musicians. Playing a variety of instruments and genre's.
My most favorite was played as an encore' - Mellow Yellow (hey I'm fourty something). He's actually very good.

It was an enjoyable evening with Asa and Hamilton.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Trying to be like Jesus.

Check out the April Friend...pg. 16.
You might see a familiar face on there!!

Sunday, April 6, 2008


That's the general concensus at our house.

We moved a few weeks ago and getting the TV hooked up really hasn't been a priority. Shows we want to watch we find online and shows we don't want to watch we don't find at all. Hours of running through channels only to find we are bored with TV is just not happening for us. Gone are the days of scrolling through 100 channels only to find "there is nothing on".

We spend more time talking to each other, reading, researching important topics and playing outside.

Today we logged on to lds.org to watch General Conference. In between sessions we watched something about The Joseph Smith Paper Project. It was great.

We have a new sense of freedom from broadcast media. We watch what we want when we want and it's all commercial free.