Saturday, February 2, 2008

Karate kicks and 3 pointers.

Earlier tonight Hamilton graduated from green green belt with a black stripe.
*[Hamilton just told me that it's called high green, and not green belt with black stripe.]
He got to show off the progress he's made, and do some sweet kicks. It was pretty exciting to watch.
He's got his eyes set on being a black belt!
Watch out!

After the many roundhouse kicks, air puches, and hi-yas! we rushed over to catch Asa's basketball game.
I'm convinced that someday he'll be pro! He had 3 shots around or behind the 3-point area [obviously I'm not up to par on my bball terms].. but he sunk each one! Sadly I didn't get it on film, but I have a feeling it's not the last time he'll pull that off.
He had the other parents cheering him on, and the other team in shock.
Go Asa!!