Monday, January 21, 2008

Chapter 1 - Rakaipaka Keith

Born - March 11, 1984
Namesake - Rakaipaka Puriri and Keith Scoville
Rakai is our firstborn. He wants to play rugby. He wants to play rugby. He wants to play rugby. Rakai lives in NewZealand and is trying to figure out where to play rubgy. Maybe he'll even see if he can find a good helicopter school.  Rakai is at the gym when he's not working and sleeping when he's not eating. He has a quiet wit about him and recognizes that "one can be useful without making a noise." He reads a lot but fools us all into thinking that he doesn't like it. He is a good friend. Considerate of the feelings of others and quietly kind to everyone. Rakai quiets my soul.

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Gerard Habibian said...

very well put mrs puriri it has been a blessing meeting and having friendship with rakai, he does exactly as say quiets soul as well .