Sunday, May 27, 2012


We experienced the phenomena of the RING OF FIRE! Blue skies, sunshine and warmth. It was perfect weather for an eclipse.

Our original plans were to drive over to Rakai's and then up to the old airport but when we realized there was a perfect view from Tonaquint Elementary we decided to go there instead. We called the boys and told them to come to us.

Asa was the driver and drove the Montero up the dirt road behind the school. We were on top of the hills and had an excellent view of the sky and Green Valley. It was pretty awesome. Ra got out and set up the chairs. Asa got out and lifted the hood of the car to check the oil while we waited for the boys to show up. I turned on the acoustic blues channel of Pandora Radio. Asa said, "mom it's like we are stranded in the middle of nowhere and dad's over there playing the blues on the guitar."

Ammon to the rescue! Blazing a trail of dust they pulled up in the toyota. They all climbed up on the mattress in the bed of the truck and we watched and waited for the RING OF FIRE. Excellent memory!