Sunday, March 14, 2010


It's that time of life when I go back in time and remember the "birth" days of Rakai and Asa.  Rakai, my firstborn child and the many hours of labor.  Asa, my 5th child and the fright of premature delivery.  We are all still here.

Rakai was ordained a Deacon the Sunday after Asa was born.  Asa and I couldn't go to church so the Bishop and Grandparents came to the house.  It was a wonderful opportunity for Rakai.

So we celebrate Asa and Rakai during March.  This year we had to take pictures in separate locations.  Asa was wishing Rakai was home for a photo together but we had to do a collage instead.  Hamilton tried to feed Rakai his cupcake through the computer.  Silly boys!

Asa was ordained a Teacher today.  He bore a wonderful testimony and talked about a scripture Isaac sent to him.  D&C 103: 36 - "All victory and glory is brought to pass unto you through your diligence, faithfulness, and prayers of faith."

This is good advice from our missionary.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


It's the first of March and soccer season is in full swing at the Puriri house.  Yesterday was a day filled with soccer.  Nothing else was done but watching soccer and eating food to keep the soccer boys energized.  

The first game of the day was Hamilton's at 10:00am.  The skies were slightly overcast but the sunshine made me feel warm.  Hamilton's game was exciting.  Except this time Hamilton didn't score any goals.  Fire FC won this game.  

We came home long enough to pack a lunch and head over to Hansen Stadium where Asa was playing.  This game did not go well.  Asa didn't get much playing time and Fire FC lost by a lot.  The weather was beginning to get windy and cold and we still had 2 games to go.

Pre-season is currently happening at Dixie High School.  Friday night they played Park City.  Ammon played JV and Varsity.  They won both games.  Saturday afternoon they played Delta.  Ammon starts JV and is an amazing leader on the field.  He scored 2 goals during that game.  The weather is windy and miserable but we still have Varsity to watch.  Ammon does not start varsity but he played most of the second half and scored a really awesome goal.  

The soccer was great but the weather was terrible.  At days end four games had been played, three games had been won the migraine I have been suffering from 4 10 days was enhanced to agonizing pain.  

This Saturday was a special day but we definitely did not prepare for Sunday.  So today we have laundry and house cleaning to do.