Thursday, January 31, 2008

First Love

This is Rakai. Rakai plays rugby. Rakai loves to play rugby. If Rakai never did anything but play rugby he would be happy.

Monday, January 28, 2008

The Passing of Our Prophet

We were watching The Complete Jane Austin on PBS last night. Ammon came into the room just a little after 9:00 and told us President Hinckley had passed away earlier in the evening. Karamea had her computer on her lap and went straight to "Yep", she said, "it's on CNN." So we ran through a few channels and saw a few reports. It was a stirring moment. A quick jolt of sadness then joy because he was now reunited with his beloved wife.

We are feeling a bit sad but comforted knowing that church administration will continue without even the annoyance of a tiny bump in the road. The children had a quiet love for our Prophet. President Hinckley was the prophet for almost 13 years. He is the only prophet they remember well.

A new prophet and a new chapter begins now.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Basketball Season

Asa played his first game of the season on Friday night. His team is very good. Asa enjoys basketball and is very good at it. His first experience with basketball was with a coach he shot left handed. Asa followed his example and, even though he is right handed in everything, he shoots the basketball with his left hand. The final score of the games was very lopsided - 38 to 8. The coach of the other team was lots of fun to watch - always excited and happy even though they were losing terribly. After the game Asa went up to one of the players on the opposing team congratulated her on a good game and told her she played really well. So begins basketball now through the end of March.

Asa will be juggling basketball and soccer over the next few months. Should be an interesting season.

Isaac in Germany

Isaac is required to update the Rotary District every month. He sent a long epistle to them but I've condensed it to just a few paragraphs for the blog. Isaac is enjoying his experience but is definitely anxious to get back to the St. George Sunshine. Here's what Isaac has to say...
I've been playing on club soccer team here since I think the 3rd week I was here, and its going way good. I get along really good with all the boys and its lots of fun. I feel like I'm getting better too which is always a plus. The last game we played I scored the first goal and it was awesome. It was a sweet because it was the first goal I scored for this team, and in Germany. The team was excited too and so was our coach ha. I'm really glad I was able to find a team to play on over here. and hopefully there will be more goals to follow that one. The weather here is pretty lame, we haven't been in the 50s since who knows and it just barely came up in the 40s. But its always rainy, cloudy, and gray. The last week was also way windy to add to that so the weathers not the best. But I now have a sweet new jacket! that helps out with all that haha. At soccer its way different because I play in like jogging full leg spandex, then my shorts and socks over those, a long sleeve jersey, and like gloves haha. Instead of the normal st. george stuff where your trying to wear the least amount of clothes allowed while playing. I went snowboarding with my host family last weekend and it was amazing. It was my first time every snowboarding and it was so cool. I think I'm kinda addicted to it now because its all I want to do and luckily were going again this wednesday! I can't wait. I decided snowboarding is the only thing cold weather is good for. And I will have to figure something out when I'm back in st. george where it doesn't snow, because I definitely want to continue snowboarding after this. I guess there is Brian Head that isn't too far away.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The View From His Window

Ra is in New York City for a trade show. He sent this picture and said to put it on the family blog. Karamea said to take a picture with him in it so we could prove he was there. Karamea and I are wondering why he was the one who got to go to New York. We're the ones that like to shop and go to shows. What's up with that. He comes home tomorrow and he never even went to a show.
And while he's been in New York, Karamea has been in Florida packing up, selling stuff and preparing to move back home while she works on her masters. She'll be working at Urban Renewal. Which, she says, is a really cool place to work.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


HAKARI - The letters actually have meaning. While searching through a Maori/English Dictionary for a word to describe our family I came across the word H A K A R I. The letters of the word jumped out at me and I realized they were the first initials of the names of our children. The word means "gift" in the maori language. What could be more appropriate?
This is the blog of the greatest family ever. We love each other. No really! We love each other. So much that when we are apart it's like a body part is missing. When Rakai was in Hawaii he just wanted to come home to his family. And while in California he always wanted us to visit. While Karamea has been in Florida she talks of her family and posts crazy photos of her brothers on her blogs. Isaac took a piece of our hearts with him to Germany. He realizes now how important his family is and says that when he returns we will spend more time together. Our family began 25 years ago when Ra and Lani met in Salt Lake City. But that's another story for another time. Right now you need to meet our children...

Monday, January 21, 2008

Chapter 1 - Rakaipaka Keith

Born - March 11, 1984
Namesake - Rakaipaka Puriri and Keith Scoville
Rakai is our firstborn. He wants to play rugby. He wants to play rugby. He wants to play rugby. Rakai lives in NewZealand and is trying to figure out where to play rubgy. Maybe he'll even see if he can find a good helicopter school.  Rakai is at the gym when he's not working and sleeping when he's not eating. He has a quiet wit about him and recognizes that "one can be useful without making a noise." He reads a lot but fools us all into thinking that he doesn't like it. He is a good friend. Considerate of the feelings of others and quietly kind to everyone. Rakai quiets my soul.

Chapter 2 - Karamea Pearl

Born - July 15, 1986
Namesake - Pearl Lavon Offgreen Scoville
Karamea means beautiful...can you tell by the pictures. Not only does it show externally but internally as well. Karamea has adventure in her soul. She shows no fear and has so much to say. She is wise beyond her years and carries joy within. Karamea has been away at Fullsail gaining a lesson in life as well as a degree. She graduated with her Masters in Digital and Entertainment Media. Now she is living in Salt Lake and looking for the perfect job that will help to pay her student loans. In case you haven't noticed Karamea is the little bit of pink in my very blue life. Karamea inspires me.

Chapter 3 - Isaac Olsen Ahmu

Born - April 23, 1990
Namesake - Olsen Ahmu
Isaac's eyes are crystal blue and sometimes you can see right through them as if you are looking into eternity. Isaac loves to long board and hike, play soccer, eat, sleep and read the Book of Mormon. Isaac is serving a mission for the LDS church in the Germany Berlin Mission. He has a steadfast and true testimony of the gospel. He is kind to everyone and has a gentle soul. Isaac brings me peace.

Chapter 4 - Ammon Fisher

Born - August 22, 1992
Namesake - James Edwin Fisher
Ammon is more fun than you can ever know. He is happy when the rest of us are sad. He is helpful when he needs to be. He must always be having fun and acting crazy. He respects his elders and is always polite. Ammon loves money. He has a job and saves all his money...except when people ask to borrow it. And just recently he made his first purchase - a scooter. Ammon tries hard to do whats right and has a gentle spirit. He plays soccer but loves wakeboarding more than life itself...I'm not kidding. He loves to go cliff jumping at Sand Hollow Resevoir and hang out with his friends. When I think of Ammon I smile.

Chapter 5 - Asa Hemi

Born - March 10, 1996
Namesake - Asa Brigham Scoville and Hemi Puriri
Asa was not content to stay 9 months in the womb and was completely determined to show up early. His determination continues. Asa has big beautiful green eyes. He has the most distinct sense of humor. He loves music and plays the piano like a pro. Bike Riding, Basketball, Football, Soccer are just some of the sports he is good at. He loves to read and is a good student. He has a good memory and always keeps us on task. Asa understands the spirit of the maori haka and moves all who are in his presence when he does it. Asa brightens my life.

Chapter 6 - Hamilton Earl

Born - December 18, 1998
Namesake - Earl Hurst Scoville
Born only 1 week before Christmas he is our JOY TO THE WORLD. He loves sports and is really good at soccer and karate. He started violin lessons in November 2007 and enjoys playing it. He is a very good student and is kind to everyone. He teaches us love and goodness and he makes us all laugh. Hamilton loves to cuddle and he keeps me warm at night.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Introducing Our Blog

A blog seems to be the way of the future. We like this one cause it doesn't have distracting ads and it seems pretty safe. So check back often...and be entertained by our stories.