Thursday, October 20, 2011


Three months ago I walked into a room in the Intensive Care Unit of the Flagstaff Medical Center and saw my son hooked up to machines. I watched him struggle to get in and out of the hospital bed and I agonized over the pain of the wound vac change. I sat on the sidelines of the basketball court of the Sanctuary house and wondered what the future would hold for our family. I imagined the long process of recovery. A couple of weeks ago Ammon walked into my office without his crutches. Now he wears two shoes and plays basketball.

How is this happening? Life saving measures at the lake, amazing team of medical professionals, hyperbaric chamber, this really cool AFO...and Ammon is being watched over by angels in Heaven.

Life offers experiences that challenges our senses. How these obstacles affect our life is a choice only we can make. It is through prayer, miracles and Ammon's inspiring attitude that this rapid transformation continues to empower us.

At the very moment I learned of Ammon's accident I turned to the Lord in my request that he be given a priesthood blessing before the first surgery. Three hours later the Doctor had a bleak prognosis. Prayers have been spoken. Angels have been near. Miracles have occurred. God's will for Ammon is apparent and we are grateful for this outcome.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I have mounds of homework to do but I'm way overdue on a blog update so I'm delaying my deadlines to catch up on the blog.

First of all, thanks to all of you who continually ask about Ammon. We continue to feel your love and concern and your prayers continue to work miracles in his behalf. Ammon started sitting in the Hyperbaric Chamber at the IHC wound clinic on September 6th. He goes every day for two hours. Sadly we do not have pictures. 

I've often thought how much better it was when he was in Flagstaff and I could leave the world of work and school behind every weekend. When I was in Flagstaff I could devote my entire focus to his care. While it is wonderful to have him home in St. George, I am surrounded by all the responsibilities of daily living and I am unable to attend doctor appointments or the hyperbaric chamber when he goes.

As a result I get visits and phone calls at work. Yesterday Ammon showed up at work stood in the doorway of my office and said, "look crutches." It was a time to celebrate. Of course I pulled out my phone and clicked a few photos. He ran up and down the hall, did a few karate kicks and showed me how the new boot works. Pretty awesome! I warmed up some soup for him and he ate at my desk while I continued to work. Then he was off to hang out with his friend and I was back to work. 

Doctors are impressed by the miraculous speedy recovery and healing that is taking place for Ammon. We know it is through the power of the Priesthood and the prayers offered in his behalf that he is alive and he has a leg. There is no greater joy than to remember the first phone call from Matt and then to see where he is now. He is alive and he has his leg. There are not words to describe the gratitude we feel for the ability to experience Ammon's positive perspective on life every day. 

A couple of weeks ago Ammon surprised Karamea as he traveled up north. She sent this beautiful picture of the two of them. 

Now we look forward to the return of our missionary in six weeks time. This thanksgiving will be filled with the sweet sound of Love At Home. This was the scene in my home two years ago and will be the scene in my home in six weeks. The joy in my soul cannot be explained in words.