Sunday, February 21, 2010


Finally a new post!  Asa has been saying, "Mom it's been more than a month."  He's right.

Last weekend was beautiful.  It was Valentine's Day, Presidents Day and Soccer Tournament!  Mother nature cooperated with blue skies, sunshine and sixty degree temperatures.  We had visitors!

The Bailey Family came for the weekend.  Cameron, Terina, Hayden, Karenza and Tyla Jade.  The kids had fun playing together.  We walked up to Petroglyph Rock and hiked around the Red Hills.  Karenza wanted to climb through the slice in the rock a couple of times.  Asa went with her.  We had Family Home Evening on Monday night with Michael, Kristina and their family.  Lots of food!  Terina taught the children a maori song.  

We missed Rakai, Karamea and Isaac with us.  But we will always miss the times when we are all not here.  

Asa played his soccer games at the new Mesquite Regional Park.  It was built by the PGA Long Drive Association and will be used for Long Drives, Soccer and Football.  It's a beautiful place.  After the games were over we stayed to have lunch at the park.  I couldn't resist taking a few photos.  Soccer is the love of our lives!