Monday, January 21, 2008

Chapter 5 - Asa Hemi

Born - March 10, 1996
Namesake - Asa Brigham Scoville and Hemi Puriri
Asa was not content to stay 9 months in the womb and was completely determined to show up early. His determination continues. Asa has big beautiful green eyes. He has the most distinct sense of humor. He loves music and plays the piano like a pro. Bike Riding, Basketball, Football, Soccer are just some of the sports he is good at. He loves to read and is a good student. He has a good memory and always keeps us on task. Asa understands the spirit of the maori haka and moves all who are in his presence when he does it. Asa brightens my life.


Anonymous said...

we are related somewhere along the way,my husband is michael puriri,from fredrick puriri,from arama puriri nz napier, i was looking up michaels brother and you poped up,lol.not a to common name and we are lds too, i'll have to ask him when he gets home were you fit into our family.
hello family!!!!!

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