Tuesday, January 22, 2008


HAKARI - The letters actually have meaning. While searching through a Maori/English Dictionary for a word to describe our family I came across the word H A K A R I. The letters of the word jumped out at me and I realized they were the first initials of the names of our children. The word means "gift" in the maori language. What could be more appropriate?
This is the blog of the greatest family ever. We love each other. No really! We love each other. So much that when we are apart it's like a body part is missing. When Rakai was in Hawaii he just wanted to come home to his family. And while in California he always wanted us to visit. While Karamea has been in Florida she talks of her family and posts crazy photos of her brothers on her blogs. Isaac took a piece of our hearts with him to Germany. He realizes now how important his family is and says that when he returns we will spend more time together. Our family began 25 years ago when Ra and Lani met in Salt Lake City. But that's another story for another time. Right now you need to meet our children...

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