Saturday, February 23, 2013


Ammon - Isaac - Hamilton - Rakai - Karamea - Asa

This picture was taken on December 30 at a farewell party for Rakai and Asa. The next day Rakai left to go live in Kona, Hawaii and Asa left for an adventure in New Zealand. Rakai found a job a few weeks after being there. He loves the Kayak tours...HA...job...that's not a job. He's very happy meeting new people from around the world and spending time on the ocean every day. Asa is enrolled at Hamilton Boys School in Hamilton and lives in the hostile on campus. Ammon and Isaac live in Provo. Isaac is a student at BYU and Ammon at UVU. Karamea lives in Salt Lake and works as the Marketing Coordinator for SLUG Magazine. Someone always has to be the youngest and be the last one at home...alone...with mom and dad. Hamilton does his best to stay busy but he desperately misses having his older siblings around. 

The house is quiet.

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