Thursday, October 20, 2011


Three months ago I walked into a room in the Intensive Care Unit of the Flagstaff Medical Center and saw my son hooked up to machines. I watched him struggle to get in and out of the hospital bed and I agonized over the pain of the wound vac change. I sat on the sidelines of the basketball court of the Sanctuary house and wondered what the future would hold for our family. I imagined the long process of recovery. A couple of weeks ago Ammon walked into my office without his crutches. Now he wears two shoes and plays basketball.

How is this happening? Life saving measures at the lake, amazing team of medical professionals, hyperbaric chamber, this really cool AFO...and Ammon is being watched over by angels in Heaven.

Life offers experiences that challenges our senses. How these obstacles affect our life is a choice only we can make. It is through prayer, miracles and Ammon's inspiring attitude that this rapid transformation continues to empower us.

At the very moment I learned of Ammon's accident I turned to the Lord in my request that he be given a priesthood blessing before the first surgery. Three hours later the Doctor had a bleak prognosis. Prayers have been spoken. Angels have been near. Miracles have occurred. God's will for Ammon is apparent and we are grateful for this outcome.

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