Thursday, August 4, 2011


I left Ammon in the Step Down Unit of the Flagstaff Medical Center what seems like an eternity ago. Back in St. George curious, concerned friends and acquaintances inquire of his well being. It is with delight that I tell the story over and over again. 

My journey began just seven days ago with a tragic boating accident and a late night phone call. It was Ammon's picture on my cell phone. I said, "Hello Ammon." An unfamiliar voice replied, "This is not Ammon. This is Matt. I am with your son at the Flagstaff Medical Center." The words a mother never wants to hear. 

Matt proceeded to explain the situation. Ammon was run over by a boat. His lower right leg was severely injured and he was at the Flagstaff Medical Center being prepped for surgery. Doctors had been called in and would be working to save his leg. "Do you understand? Do you have any questions?"

Only his lower right leg? Were there any other injuries? Who is with him? How long will the surgery last? We are LDS. Is there someone who can give him a blessing? 

Matt was LDS and could give him a blessing. He would ask the helicopter pilot to assist. Words sweet as honey to a mother who is miles away from her distressed son. He was alone in a world where he did not belong.

Twenty minutes later a member of the team who had been working on him was calling. Further explanation didn't give us much hope but we hoped none-the-less. A loss of 2 and a half quarts of blood. Worst case scenario, "he will lose his leg." Best case scenario, "he'll have a leg but we don't know if it will work." Ammon was being rushed into surgery. The process would take three hours. One of the doctors would be calling to give you their report.

Ra and Asa packed and were on the road in less than 30 minutes. Hamilton and I were left to wait and wonder. 

i am numb 
transport me to flagstaff
let me be by his side
calling all angels
texting all contacts
emailing family
facebooking friends
everyone pray for my son

It's 2am when the ring of my phone tells me the surgery is over. I anxiously answer. Your son has a very serious injury. We were barely able to save his leg. He'll be in recovery for an hour. Is someone on their way? The rest of the story is contained in the posts below. 

Seven days later we are in awe at the miraculous events of the past week. Ministering angels protecting Ammon from the greatest dangers. Prayers and well wishes. Goodness and light comes from every direction when tragedy occurs. It is the light of Christ that exists in each of us illuminating the path of compassion. This is the energy that feeds the healing process.

With every surgery the doctors are impressed by the speedy recovery Ammon is experiencing. Today he had a changing of the leg set up and tomorrow he will experience surgery number four to repair his foot. Ammon says he is leaving the hospital on Saturday, "NO MATTER WHAT." We are blessed to have The Sanctuary House where he can rest until the plastic surgery process begins.

Time to pack for my second weekend in Flagstaff. We'll spend the weekend together in our Sanctuary Home. Please continue to pray that the repair process goes well and that Ammon regains full mobility of his foot and leg.

Love to you all,

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Liahona said...

Ammon, keep your foot in the game! You look like you're doing great! Especially that left foot. We pray for you every day (and the family too).