Monday, August 29, 2011


Ammon posted on his Facebook page - "There are places like home, but there is definitely no place like St. George. It's good to be back."

I was doing homework Thursday night when the doorbell rang. I opened the door and -SURPRISE - there was Ammon and Ra a day earlier than I had expected. A visit to Dr. Durham on Thursday morning cleared Ammon for a trip home. They cleaned the Sanctuary house, packed up the car and headed for home. A friend of a friend made an offer to fly Ammon home but that wasn't happening until Friday. He gave up the flight and endured the five hour drive. Ammon was more excited to see his bed than he his mother. He sleeps well in the dark and silent basement, away from the clamor of the trains.

The Dixie High Soccer girls planned a 5k run for Ammon. It was an early morning wake up call but he was there at the finish line to greet those who sacrificed their sleep to run for him. 

Then it was a day of soccer. Asa played two games and Hamilton played one. Ammon is climatized to the beautiful mountain weather of Flagstaff but he choose to sit on the bleachers in the stadium and support his brothers. He took notes and said he's going to help them polish their game. If he can't be on the field then he'll play vicariously through his brothers.

Our ward meets at 9am. I didn't expect Ammon to get up for church but he did. I went downstairs to see what he was doing. He was sitting on the side of his bed and with a smile as wide as his face he said, "I'm wearing pants." It is by small steps that he will conquer this mountain.

An overwhelming sense of peace came over me as I sat in the chapel. I'm not sure I've ever missed four weeks of church all in a row. Loving ward members came over to welcome us home and give us an encouraging hug. It is through the strength generated from their fast and prayer that we are able to have courage through this journey. The hymns, the prayers, partaking of the sacrament - I was filled with an overwhelming conviction of the heart. I realized that I need this weekly communion with the spirit. Looking down the row to Ammon, I felt a deep sense of gratitude to my Father in Heaven. He has allowed Ammon to remain here so that I can continue to bask in the light of his spirit.

A conversation with Ammon reveals to me the experience he had just before he choose to fight for his life. Home...Heavenly...Flagstaff...St. George - Ammon has experienced them all in the last month of his life. I am thankful he choose to linger here a little longer.

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