Monday, August 8, 2011

When I left Ammon's room on Saturday night he said "they never let me sleep in so come back early." I arrived at 9am. He was sleeping. I made a bit of noise and he just kept sleeping. He moved so I asked him some questions. He just kept sleeping. The nurse came in to hook up his IV. He slept through it. I think yesterday wore him out.

Ra and Hamilton arrived around 11. We left Hamilton there and went off to run a couple of errands. When we came back Ammon was awake. He had eaten breakfast and lunch and was ready to go for a walk. We went as far as the main entrance set up camp and played cards.

It was getting late on this Sunday afternoon and we needed to head home. But who can travel on an empty stomach? Of course we had to eat first. We made another picnic and ate it on the cafeteria patio.

There's just something heart wrenching about leaving your son in a hospital, getting in a car and driving 5 hours in a direction that is away from him.

The healing process commands our patience so we wait and wait. Ammon will experience the pain of the wound vac change every other day for the next week and then we are hoping for the skin graft process to begin. Ammon's goal is to be home for his 19th birthday on August 22.

Our main concern will continue to be the peroneal nerve. We all pray for a miraculous healing process.

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